What’s New in Netflix’s Christmas Specials

Now that the holidays are over, the company is giving its Christmas specials another shot.Today, the streaming giant unveiled the first new Christmas special in more than a year: “The New Normal.”It premiered on Netflix on Dec. 15 and follows a new team of scientists investigating a mysterious new disease that affects millions of people […]

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How the US could help Ukraine cope with the Zika virus

The US and Ukraine could work together to stop the spread of the Zika, the country’s President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday, urging international efforts to contain the disease and help people affected by it.The United States and the European Union have pledged more than $1bn to aid Ukraine, the world’s third-largest economy.Poroshenko said the […]

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How to make a modern Indian dish

The most beautiful dish of India, a bowl of dal or masala, is often called “a dish of the gods”.It’s an all-round dish that’s so good you want to eat it even after drinking it.Its versatility is one of its great virtues.The dal is eaten as a bowl in the morning, at the end of […]

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How to fix window glass parts in Windows Defender

A Windows Defender vulnerability has been discovered that could allow attackers to gain root access to affected computers.In a post published to its GitHub repository Wednesday, Microsoft says that attackers have been able to take full control of affected machines by exploiting the “windows_repair_snoop” function.The flaw, which affects versions of Windows that include the Windows […]

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Why is my door not fixed?

Repairing a broken door is a complicated job and can take a long time, even if it’s a regular household appliance.Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home’s repaired window.READ MORE: How much money should I spend on a new home?If your home has been left […]

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