A new feature in Windows 10 may be coming your way soon: the ability to add extra windows.

According to a new blog post by the company, the feature is “coming soon.”

The blog post says the feature will allow users to add “windows that can be opened on demand,” which is something that could be used for an application that needs to access the Internet, for example.

Windows 10 already allows you to open an application from a shortcut, but this feature allows for you to “open windows from anywhere.”

That’s a major improvement from the status quo, and Microsoft has stated that the feature won’t be rolling out to everyone.

The blog also notes that Windows 10’s default shortcuts have been removed from the Windows Store.

This change may also be coming to other versions of Windows, but it’s not clear how many.

Microsoft previously promised to roll out the new features on an “as-needed basis” but has not yet done so.