Cricinfo — The Microsoft window clings is Microsoft’s next big device that will be released in October.

It will be the first time Microsoft is releasing a new device that can be used for both video and photo editing and will be priced at a premium.

The window cling will be a high-end camera with a 12MP camera lens, a 4K video recorder and an infrared remote control.

The Microsoft window will come with a variety of features that are very similar to those found on the Microsoft Remote Desktop, Microsoft Camera app and Microsoft’s Camera app for Windows 10.

You can get a sneak peek of the Microsoft window with the Microsoft Window Clings app from the Microsoft Store, which you can grab on October 16 for $39.99.

You will be able to access the Microsoft Windows 10 camera through a remote control and you can even control the camera via your Windows 10 mobile device.

This is the first new Microsoft window for the Xbox line of devices, which was launched in February 2017.

You’ll be able get the Microsoft Xbox One X on October 23, with the Windows 10 release scheduled for November 14.

The Xbox One S will follow in November.

Microsoft is expected to introduce new windows later this year.