A list of themes you can change in Windows 10 is available under the Settings menu.

There are several ways to change them, including using the Theme Manager (also called the Task Manager).

To change themes on a specific system, you need to download and install the themes you want.

To do this, click on the Theme icon in the upper right corner of the Settings app and then click on Theme.

Themes can be downloaded from Microsoft.

When you install a theme, it’s installed in the default location of the Start menu and the Start screen.

If you don’t see a theme in your Start menu, it probably means the theme doesn’t work in your current Windows 10 environment.

To change the theme of your system, just click on Change Theme and follow the prompts.

If the theme you selected is still installed on your system and it hasn’t changed, the theme may not be compatible with the next version of Windows.

In that case, the user must install the next update to fix the issue.