Windows 10 is not yet officially available for developers, but there are already plenty of themes to choose from that offer various Windows 10 features.

Here are a few more to keep in mind.

Window shading.

The Windows 10 Windows shade lets you switch between two versions of the same Windows screen at the same time, similar to the way Microsoft’s HoloLens headset works.

This is especially useful for applications like Skype, where you’ll want to switch between the desktop and phone versions, for example.

This feature was introduced in Windows 10 for developers to make the experience smoother.

Windows 10 Theme Kit.

Windows Theme Kit is a collection of themes for Windows 10, designed for developers.

It includes themes for Desktop, Phone, and Tablet, along with theme templates for desktop and mobile apps.

It’s available for free download on ThemeShop.

A free preview version of ThemeKit has been available for a while now, and it offers a variety of themes, including the popular Microsoft Edge theme.

Themes that offer a variety in screen sizes and other elements are a good idea if you’re a developer, as these will give you a better understanding of how the Windows 10 UI looks in a specific screen.

A free preview of Windows 10 theme kits can be downloaded from ThemeShop and is available to download from the Windows Store.

It’s not just themes that are available for download, though.

There are several themes available for Windows Phone and tablets, too.

Windows 10 Mobile is the latest version of Windows for smartphones and tablets and includes many new features, including new themes and apps.

Microsoft has also released an app store for developers that can help you download and install themes from Microsoft.

It works through a simple and easy-to-use dashboard and you can find the most popular themes for phones and tablets by using the search feature.

Windows Phone themes include themes for Nokia, HTC, and Lenovo.

For Android, you’ll find a list of popular apps and themes from Google.