Posted November 04, 2018 07:03:13The coverings that cover the windows in many cars are designed to look like they are window decal windows, but they are not.

These covers are used to keep the windows from getting scratched, or to help protect the interior of a vehicle from being scratched during car window cleaning.

But some people who have bought cars that were fitted with window coverages claim they do not work and cause damage to the car’s interior.

In a survey of about 1,000 people in 18 cities, the University of California-San Francisco’s Transportation Research Institute found that more than half of the cars tested had windows that had been scratched or were not covered by the covers they had bought.

This included more than one in five vehicles that had windows cracked.

The researchers also found that many car owners who buy window coverations claim that they don’t have any problems with them, but that they do have to clean up after themselves.

One of the study’s authors, Daniel E. Pachter, a transportation researcher at the University at Albany in New York, told The Associated Press that the problem is not that the covers are not working, but rather that they are covered in the wrong way.

“Most of the people who buy a car window, they have no idea what they are buying,” he said.

“It is like, you are buying a car that has a little scratch on it, but you are still buying it because you are going to have a really good experience.”

The study, which looked at the cars that had window coverage, found that the most common cause of damage to cars’ interior was a car being driven on a bumpy road.

That study also found one in four people who purchased car window covers said that they did not have any concerns about their windows, which can damage or break windows if they do get scratched.

While the study found that most car owners were not aware that the window cover-related problems could affect the car interior, it also found several instances where the coverings had actually been causing problems.

In some cases, the covers were installed incorrectly, the researchers said.

For example, in one of the studies, the cars had the window covers placed on the rear bumper and then covered by a sticker that said “no scratches.”

In another study, a car owner in New Jersey who bought a car covered in window coverups and who had a cracked rear window said that the bumper had a sticker saying, “No scratches,” but that the driver had a “no scratch” sticker on the back of the bumper.

The authors of the new study said that these kinds of problems are often seen in cars that are only used in a short period of time.

“People have this misconception that it is just the car, so you can get away with it, that it’s just about the window and not the car,” said Dr. Eben G. Moberg, a professor of transportation at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and lead author of the survey.

“The reality is that it affects everything,” he told the AP.

“We’ve actually seen some car windows that have been cracked and have had to be replaced.”

Moberg said that if the car owner does not clean up properly, the damage can be more severe.

“If the owner of the car has a sticker on it saying, ‘No scratches,’ then that means the car is unsafe, and if the sticker is on the window, it means the window is not safe,” he explained.

“This is the sort of thing that people think is really easy to fix, but it is really hard to fix because the damage is really extensive.”

The problem is so widespread that some car owners are actually going to do their own cleaning, he added.

“There is not a lot of good advice out there about cleaning windows, especially with people who are very experienced in this,” he added, “but if the window has been damaged, then you can do the windows.

If it has not, then it is probably not safe.”

The survey results showed that most people who bought car windows did not buy them to replace damaged windows.

“Many people are buying car windows because they have a problem with the window itself and it’s not that they think it needs to be repaired,” Mobergo said.

“The problem really is that the car window is broken, and it has been cracked in a very serious way.”