You don’t have to live in the future to enjoy the smell of your kitchen.

While it might be a bit hard to get used to, it will get easier to recognise the smell if you have your fridge empty.

The fridge will be smelling of old food, and it might not smell so bad if you don’t put anything in it.

The fridge is an important part of your house and it needs to be kept well stocked, and keeping it clean is vital to keeping your home looking its best.

You will probably need to fill it every few days, but not every fridge needs to stay empty for long periods of time.

If your fridge stays empty for too long, it could start to smell.

What to do when you get the fridge empty The fridge is often used to store food and the smell will be a little overwhelming.

You can check your fridge and make sure it is clean and empty, or you can put some items in it, such as food, fruit and milk, in order to smell the food or the smell from the food.

To clean up the fridge, use a cloth or rag to wipe down the walls and to clean up any bits of food or debris.

Do this regularly, so that it is easy to clean the fridge.

If you are unsure if your fridge needs a cleaning, ask the fridge if it needs a washing or washing down.

If you find it’s getting a bit dirty, try opening up your fridge to get a clean look at the contents.

If you are worried that your fridge may be getting a little too dirty, it’s worth making a note of the fridge’s odour level, and putting something in there that smells bad.