New windows, furniture, books and toys are being created with 3D printing, according to an article published in the online magazine Design News.

The article titled Procreate 3D Printed Plastic for Window Film by Designer Dasha Kostylova provides an overview of the process of making the plastic window film that could be used in furniture and other home decor items.

Kostylov, a resident of Moscow, Russia, is a creative technologist who works with designers and designers with a wide variety of fields.

She told Design News that the idea of using 3D printers in the process came to her when she visited the designer and art collector, Nikolai Kostymko.

Kustylov explained that the window film can be created using a variety of techniques and materials, including wood, metal, plastic, plastic parts, glass, ceramics and even metal parts.

As an art collector and designer, she said that she was fascinated by the idea.

“I was able to see how 3D printer technology was advancing,” she said.

“It was clear to me that 3D technology is going to revolutionize how we can create beautiful things in our lives.”

The article, titled Procreation 3D Printer Plastic for Windows, is published in Design News on June 10.

It comes after a survey published by the Design News showed that the number of people who want to 3D print a product has reached a peak of more than 30 million.

The survey revealed that about 1 in 3 Americans has an interest in 3D manufacturing and 3D printed products.

More than 10% of Americans have heard of the concept of 3Dprinting.