Windows 10 OS: You can now download the open source version of Windows 10, the company says.

That means you can install it on your Windows Phone or tablet, but you’ll need to make sure you get the Windows 10 Pro upgrade.

Windows 10 Mobile (10.1) OS: Windows 10 will be coming to your Windows phone or laptop, Microsoft says.

 Windows 10 Enterprise (10).1: Windows will be released to the Enterprise in a few months, Microsoft said.

Windows 10: It’s been a long wait, but now you can finally install Windows 10 to your phone. 

Here’s how. 

In the Windows Store, you’ll find a new version of OS that you can download and install.

Windows 10 Enterprise is for Windows 10 Professional and Ultimate users only, according to Microsoft. 

Windows Insider will now give you more insight into how the OS will run. 

It will let you see if it’s working on your device, what version of Android you’re using, and whether it supports some new features like Continuum.

Windows Insider should get a lot more updates over the next few weeks.