New Microsoft executives and employees have taken to Twitter to answer a question that many have been asking about which Windows 10 apps to use for clipping windows: Which are the best to use to clip windows?

And what’s the best way to cut out window debris from windows?

Microsoft’s answer to this question is quite simple.

The best way is to use a Snipping Tool, a tool that uses a small circular tool that you can hold in your hand to clip your window.

It’s also very simple to use.

The Snipping tool will cut out a window, but you have to have enough space to clip the entire window.

If you’re not going to have space, you can cut out only a part of the window, or only a small portion of it, according to Microsoft.

The Snipping Tools are designed for windows that have two or more sides, or are attached to one another.

For example, the Microsoft GarageBand is designed for two sides, and you can clip your windows with the GarageBand, according the company.

The Snap Tool is designed to clip two sides of a window at a time, but there’s a caveat, according Microsoft: You have to clip one side first before you can snap it to the other side.

Snap tools are a great tool for trimming your window, and are a must for those who want to cut through their window with ease.

Snipping tools work well with Windows 10 on all Windows devices, so they are best for windows with multiple sides, such as laptops and desktops.

Windows 10 Pro has a built-in Snipping and Snap Tools.

However, Microsoft’s answer is that the best Snipping or Snap tools are available for Windows 10 Enterprise and Education versions of Windows 10.

If using one of the smaller Snipping & Snipping options, you have the option to use an additional Snipping (or Snap) tool to clip a portion of the screen in the form of a cutout, according a Microsoft representative.