We’ve already had a few reports of freezes with Windows 10, with many people reporting that the app won’t launch or even load the app bar at all.

But what about when the app launches?

Microsoft is now providing a fix, and it works like this:When the app starts, it will try to use the Windows 10 app bar and open it automatically.

When that fails, the app will try the system menu instead, and if that fails it will launch the app, but it will also use the system bar if it was available in the app launcher.

You can get the fix for Windows 10 here, but if you’ve been having problems with launch time issues, you’ll want to follow this guide from Windows Insider.

Here’s the video for the fix.

We’ve also included a screenshot of the screen after installing it, so you can see what it looks like after you’ve installed the fix, as well as how the fix works.

As you can tell from the video above, this fixes the launch issue that’s been cropping up, but the freeze is still there.

Microsoft says it’ll fix the launch issues as it finds them, and we’ll update this post when it’s available.

Update: Microsoft has released a video showing the fix that fixes the freeze issue with launch times.