A hard drive can be replaced, and the process can take days, but replacing your hard drive with one from another manufacturer is an easier option, if it involves just a bit of tinkering. 

Here’s how.

First, you’ll need to locate your hard drives and find a compatible model. 

I’ve found the Toshiba, Samsung, and Samsung U100 models work well for me, so I use these. 

Next, you can use these adapters to swap the two drives for a compatible one. 

The Samsung U200 adapter is the easiest adapter to use, but the Tosas Samsung U150, Samsung U300, and Toshiba U300+ adapters are also good options. 

Then, use these USB-C power cables to plug the USB-A ports of your new hard drive into your computer, and power up your computer. 

Finally, plug the new drive into the old drive, and wait a few minutes to make sure the hard drive is charging. 

Once the drive is fully charged, you should see a notification in your Chrome browser.

It will say something like this: Replace USB-E Hard Drive For more information, check out our guide to replacing your drive with an external one.