article The colour pallets of Windows 10 will be revealed in an open beta on Wednesday, Microsoft’s marketing chief has revealed.

Windows 10, which is expected to be available on August 28, will offer a total of 25 colour palettes, as well as four customised themes.

This is the first time that Microsoft has revealed a colour palette, which will be available for purchase.

“Windows 10 will bring a new level of visual appeal to the Windows experience,” Windows co-founder Gabe Aul has said in the preview.

“Customised colour palets are just the beginning, with more colour options on the way.”

And the range of colours available in the beta is truly staggering.

“Here are the 25 colour palette choices:Black – blueWhite – yellowGreen – redRed – orangeBlue – greenYellow – redBlue – redGreen – orangeRed – redThe new colour palette options will be unveiled at the Windows 10 launch event, and will be a part of a wider series of preview releases, including Windows 10 for tablets and phones, a new Windows 10 desktop, and a new version of the web browser, Microsoft said in a blog post.

It will be possible to use these palettes in a variety of ways, including on Microsoft TV and Windows 10 PC, the blog post said.

These will be accessible from within Windows 10 and Windows Store apps, Microsoft added.”

Colours are designed to look the same across all screen sizes,” the blog said.”

But there are many unique colours that are specifically tailored to a particular screen size.

For example, you can use your favourite colour to highlight an image on the right of your screen, or use a different colour to add a sense of depth to your video.

“These are the kinds of choices that will make you think twice about how to select your screen.”

In addition, Microsoft will allow users to create custom colour palates for their own Windows 10 devices, and Microsoft has made it easy to do so.

Users will be able to create palettes from within the Windows Store, which has the ability to create multiple palettes with a single click, by using the Windows Design Tool, the company said.

Customised palettes can also be shared via the Microsoft Creators Update app, which also allows for the sharing of colour palays across devices, Microsoft noted.

“We want Windows 10 to be the best PC ever, and our colour palatings offer a unique way to create that experience,” said Aul.