Posted by Vice News on Monday, January 11, 2019 06:27:04Secret windows, secret rooms, secret places.

What if there was a secret place for you to sleep, where you could keep secrets?

That’s exactly what the team behind a mysterious, secret-sized sleeping pad found inside a former U.S. government facility in Texas.

Secret windows and secret rooms have been a staple of Hollywood movies for decades, but this one was made for real by the National Security Agency.

The “secret sleeping pad” was a prototype that the agency tested in a facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the Guardian reported.

The prototype, which was reportedly found by the Guardian in September 2018, was part of a $5.5 million project to build a secret facility, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

The pad was built out of recycled paper and foam, and was designed to mimic the appearance of a secret room, The Guardian reported, adding that it was “not as secret as it looks.”

The prototype was the first of a series of secret sleeping pads designed by the NSA, according to the Guardian.

The NSA will continue to use the pad for various secret missions, such as “targeting foreign terrorist organizations” and “advancing nuclear deterrence,” according to The Guardian.

“This is the first time that a sleeping pad was ever used to construct a complex secret facility,” NSA Director Michael Rogers told The Guardian in an interview.

The agency’s “secret” sleeping pad is located at the NNSA’s Los Alamo National Laboratory, in New Hampshire.

“It is designed to simulate a secret, isolated room that is designed for testing secret technologies and secret activities,” the NSA explained in a statement.

The secret sleeping pad had been designed to be hidden behind a “secret door,” but it wasn’t clear if the “secret room” was actually hidden in the structure.

A secret room would have allowed a “vast amount of surveillance, both from within and outside the building,” the agency said.

The Guardian noted that the NSA also plans to test secret “sleeping rooms” in “the future.”

It also noted that while the “slept in a closet” version of the sleeping pad isn’t secret, “there is a more secretive variant that is a prototype, with a ‘secret door,'” and “is still being developed.”

The NSA’s “sleppable” sleeping room was revealed to the public in a January 2018 report from The Intercept, the website that broke the Snowden revelations.

The article noted that “secret rooms have become increasingly common in American public spaces, from schools to prisons, to airports, and even in military bases, where they have been used for surveillance, harassment, and interrogation.”

“A few years ago, a secret space was built for the CIA to keep track of and use information about its prisoners,” the Intercept reported.

“In 2013, the CIA built a sleeping room in a U.N. compound in Djibouti for use by diplomats, diplomats often have to share their sleeping quarters, and the U.K. used a secret sleeping room at a British military base.”

The agency previously built secret “tent cities” in places such as Cuba, where it could use “sneaking, eavesdropping, and tracking techniques” to spy on the United States, according The Intercept.

The former secret CIA sleeping pad will be removed from the NNSA’s Los Angeles facility, where the agency is currently constructing a secret base.

The new pad, however, will be located at an undisclosed location in New Jersey.