Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has promised to make it easier for people to move to Canada.

Scheer is making it easier than ever to find work in the country.

Scheer announced the new rules on Friday, calling it the Canada Jobs Strategy and a “right-to-work” legislation.

He told reporters the move would help bring more people to Canada and create more jobs.

“We will continue to be open to welcoming and welcoming Canadians to this country,” he said.

It was the second move of Scheer’s leadership.

In December, he announced he would allow Canadians to bring their foreign-born children to Canada, something he previously did not do.

Last month, he also announced a $300-million boost for Canada’s border-crossing enforcement program, which includes more police, more agents and better border enforcement.

But Scheer also announced he is reversing plans to build a fence along the border, saying it would only work if the government had the money.

The Conservative government has already announced a 10-year, $2.8-billion plan to rebuild Canada’s economy, including more roads, bridges and other infrastructure.