There are plenty of windows on the desktop to trim, but Microsoft’s new Window 10 includes a neat feature that allows you to trim them to save space.

The new Window bar in Windows 10 lets you trim the windows around your mouse cursor.

The Windows 10 preview for Windows 10 includes the new bar.

(Microsoft) You can tap and hold the Windows button to highlight the window you want to trim.

When you do so, the bar appears above the mouse cursor and you can click it to remove it.

The bar appears as a smaller version of the window icon.

You can also click and drag it to resize it.

The Windows 10 update also adds the option to hide the Windows Bar in the top right corner.

When the bar is hidden, you can still see the Start Menu bar.

To see how to remove the Windows bar, open the taskbar and click the Start menu button.

Then, in the left pane, click the Taskbar menu option.

From there, choose “Options” and “Windows bar”.

From the Task Bar menu, click “Remove the Windows Window Bar.”

The new Windows 10 taskbar will disappear, but you’ll still see it.