The Windows 10 theme app lets you take your Windows 10 desktop off of the floor.

The theme lets you turn your Windows desktop into a desktop wallpaper.

Here’s how it works.

If you use an emulator for Windows, you can use the same Windows 10 Theme app to install your own themes, too.

Themes can also be installed via Windows Store.

Windows 10 themes are designed for people who have the time and the patience to get their desktop looking good.

You can install a theme from the Settings menu.

You’ll see a list of all the available themes.

You will also see a new icon in the taskbar of your desktop.

You click that icon to install a new theme.

When you install a custom theme, Windows 10 will automatically download and install it for you.

Once you have your theme installed, you’ll see it in the Windows 10 app.

You won’t see the theme in the main desktop, but you’ll be able to see the new theme in that window.

If you like the new look of your Windows, the app will let you customize your desktop wallpaper by clicking on the new icon at the top of the task bar.

Themes are just a few of the new features in Windows 10 10, which is available to anyone who has Windows 10 for at least Windows 10 Pro, the new version of Windows 10 that is only available on PCs.