Windows 10 has been a virtual machine that’s become more popular than a real one, and Microsoft has finally announced a fix for the problem.

It’s called “casement window” and it blocks background execution on Windows 10, preventing it from ever executing anything.

This means you can still install apps and play games without ever being shown a notification.

It also means you don’t have to go through the process of manually disabling background execution from the system tray.

The only other way to do this is to delete a folder that has a file named “Windows.


BackgroundExecution” in it.

That way you can just remove the file without needing to re-install Windows.

But to uninstall it you have to delete it manually and it’s a little tricky to remove the entire folder, so we’re going to try to do it this way.

Open the Control Panel  Go to the Programs tab.

Click on the Start menu.

Select Control Panel.

Click Settings.

On the Settings tab, click Backgrounds.

Click the “Close all applications” button.

Click Close.

On the taskbar, right-click on the background, and click Properties.

On a new tab, under “Backgrounds,” select “Casement window.”

In the background window, double-click the “Windows 10” icon.

The “Casium window” icon will be added to the top of the window. 

Double-click “Windows” to open the Control panel.

Click Applications. 

Click the Casement window icon.

In the list, click the Casium window.

In “Background” and “Application”, check the box for the file named 

If you are not sure what the file is for, you can use the following screenshot.

If you see “Windows”, the file must be named windows or windows.exe. 

The first two options are for windows and the last two options for windows. 

In the Taskbar, click on the task bar.

In a new window, click Add new item. 

Select Windows.

Shell and click Add.

The Add item dialog will pop up.

In its place, click “Add” In this window, select “Windows.” 

If the Add item window pops up, click OK. 

Next, click Close. 

Close the TaskBar.

In your Start Menu, click Windows.