I got my first window curtains a few years ago and I was blown away by the results.

I could see my family and friends all the time.

I have no regrets about my decision to get a window curtain.

Window treatments are a great way to give yourself and your family a better look.

They are a quick and easy way to add a little extra character to your home.

The only catch is you need to buy the right curtains and you’ll have to keep them in good condition for at least a year.

So, if you’ve got your eye on a nice new curtain, then get started.1.

Wash your windows in a bucket of warm water and place them on a sheet of newspaper, a rag or a dry cloth.

This will help to keep your curtains from drying out.2.

Make sure that you have enough water to cover the window and the sides of your curtains.

I suggest adding a few drops of dishwashing detergent or baking soda to the water.

You don’t want to soak your curtains for too long.3.

After the water has been added, you can put your curtains in the bucket.

This step will help keep the curtains in place.4.

Pour some dishwashing soap on the window, and then gently wipe off the excess.5.

Put the curtains into the fridge for about five minutes and then put them in a warm, dry place for about two hours.6.

The next day, the curtains will be dry.

The idea is to wash them again and again as the sun sets.7.

The curtains can be put into a spray bottle, but you don’t need to spray them.

Spray the outside of the curtain with water, and put it in the spray bottle.

Then spray the inside of the bottle with the water, then repeat until the curtains have been dried.

If you want a little more of an edge, spray them with water from a can of spray paint.8.

Use the window cleaner or other spray cleaner that comes with the shower head.

Spray it on the curtains, and spray the outside and inside of them as well.

If using a spray paint can, spray the entire surface of the curtains.9.

Once you have dried your curtains, you will need to wash and condition them with dishwashing bleach.

You will want to use a mild bleach, because dishwashing chlorine is not strong enough to bleach out your curtains at this stage.

Use a low-temperature cleaner that is safe for children.

I recommend a high-temperance cleaner.10.

Once your curtains have dried, it’s time to put them back in their original packaging.

Use towels or paper towels to wipe the curtains down and wash them with soap and water.11.

If there are any rust spots on your curtains or they smell, wipe them with a mild detergent.

If the rust looks bad, you may want to try a chemical cleaning.

Use dishwashing ammonia or dishwashing alcohol.

I would recommend using a high temperature cleaner like dishwashing vinegar.

You can also use dishwashing dishwasher detergent, which is much milder.12.

After washing your curtains with dishwasher bleach and dishwashing washing detergent as recommended, you are ready to put in the shower.

You should be ready to spray the curtains with a high quality cleaner like a dishwasher or dishwasher cleaner.

You want to spray in small areas, so that you don.t get the dishwashing spray on the inside.

I don’t recommend spraying outside of your windows, but it’s up to you.

The spray bottle you use should also be a good one for spray paint spraying.

It should be at least two inches long and about three inches wide.13.

Spray your curtains and spray them well to get the most effect.

If they smell like dish washing, they probably need a coat of dish washing detergents.

I like to use dish washing bleach and vinegar, which are both mild cleaners.

You may want a few spray bottles, because you don?t want to run out of the cleaner in the end.

Spray paint may also be an option, because the spray paint spray is much weaker than dishwashing.

I wouldn’t recommend using dishwashing paint because it may leave residue behind.14.

Use your spray bottle to spray your curtains twice.

If your curtains smell like they’re going to rust, spray twice and let it dry before putting them back on.

This helps keep the stains away from the curtains and your home and also gives you a cleaner look.15.

Put your curtains back in the refrigerator and then place them in your new windows.

They will last about a year or two.

If any rust remains, you might want to wipe them down with dish washing liquid.16.

Once they have dried a little, you’ll want to hang them in place with the door open.

The windows will stay in place, and you won?t need to open