Types of windows have varied throughout the centuries, but there are many common styles of window tintings available for purchase today.

These include window tinted mirrors, glass window covers, window frame, window panels, window curtains and window trim.

Window tinting and trimming have also evolved over the years, from clear to opaque or clear and then to transparent to opaque.

Some of the more popular types of window coverings include glass, glass-fronted mirrors and glass-side-mirrors.

The glass window cover and mirror is usually the most popular window tint.

Glass mirror covers and mirrors are available in two main styles: window side mirror and side mirror.

A window mirror side mirror will cover a portion of the glass side mirror while the glass mirror side covers the rest of the mirror.

Window side mirrors are made of glass and have a curved front edge and the glass is not painted.

The mirror is typically attached to a wall or window frame.

Window trim is a thin strip of metal or plastic covering the glass of a window, window or door.

Window trims are typically made of an adhesive or rubber band and are attached to the side of a glass window or window cover.

Some window trim is made of a thin plastic sheet or sheet of metal, while others are made from glass.

Window frames are made out of wood or metal, and are typically attached directly to a window.

Window shades are made up of a combination of glass, window cover material, and window frame material.

Window shade material is typically coated with an adhesive to give the window shade its distinctive look.

Window cover material is usually coated with a rubber or plastic coating to give a glossy finish to the window.

Some types of glass window tint are also available, including glass-top glass, thin glass window, glass side-mirror glass and glass front-mirrored glass.

A wide variety of glass tinting materials is available for sale.

Some common types of tinting include: window tint with reflective surface