Microsoft has been working on a new way for Windows users to buy Windows 10 as a subscription, but the company is still working on making that work for everyone.

“It’s really early days on this,” Microsoft spokesperson Andrea Sengupta told The Verge.

“We haven’t done anything yet to show it to users.”

Microsoft is currently testing the feature, but has been slow to test it out on the general public.

There’s no sign yet of a rollout for people running Windows 10 on Macs or tablets.

Microsoft has said that people will have to wait until a fall release for the feature to roll out.

“The initial release will be on the same time frame that we did on Windows 10 Home,” Senguptas said.

“There’s a lot of work to do before that.”

The company says that there’s no specific timeline for the rollout, but that it plans to begin rolling it out soon.

The company’s not entirely sure when Windows 10 will be free or if people will be able to use it as a paid upgrade.

Microsoft still hasn’t released any specific information about the subscription, so it’s hard to tell how much Windows 10 users will be paying to upgrade to the new OS.

Windows 10 currently costs $59.99 per year, or $299 for an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, or free for users of Windows 10 Enterprise.

Microsoft also has a subscription program for Macs and tablets, but there are currently no plans for a subscription for PCs.

The Windows 10 subscription isn’t the only feature that Microsoft has added to Windows to get people to upgrade, though.

There are new security features that will make it harder for someone to install malicious software, and there’s also a new version of Cortana that will be available as an optional upgrade.

In all, Microsoft has introduced a total of 13 new features to Windows since its launch in May.