The first time you open up Windows 10, the new Windows 10 system screen will be displayed.

This screen has been improved to better represent the current screen and to show the background image when the system is off.

The background image will be different than the previous one, and the background images will be updated at a slower rate.

There’s also a new color theme to choose from when the screen is off (black, gray, or white).

You can change the color theme in Settings.

Here are the screen savers you can change in Windows 10: Screensavers for: Start, Home, Start Menu, Action Bar, Control Panel, Lock Screen, Clock, Volume Up/Down, Start Screen, Power Options, and More.

Screensaves for: Taskbar, Lock screen, Start menu, Action bar, Control panel, Clock.

Scams are rampant in Windows as we continue to see malicious apps targeting all types of devices, including the newest PCs.

If you are using Windows 10 and have experienced any problems with the new screensaver, please report them here.

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