New window panels could be made from a special type of wood called alpine walnut.

A new factory in a rural region of western Ontario will make them for cars.

Article Posted: December 05, 2018 14:50:57A company in the area says it has received a $50,000 grant from the government of Ontario to create the factory.

It has a 30-acre plot of land on the banks of the Bow River and has a large wood warehouse.

The company is making alpine-wool window panels.

It is part of a new factory for a different kind of window.

The company says it can make a wide variety of materials and it will have an edge over competitors.

This is a new type of window that will allow us to have an advantage over other manufacturers, said Terry Sorensen, who oversees the project.

The Woodlands Development Corporation of Ottawa is offering $50 million in federal money to build the factory, which will employ 1,200 workers.

Sorensent says the company has received support from the Canadian Tire Foundation.

The foundation provides financial support to small businesses, such as this one, that are working to make things in the Canadian way.