Hacker News: Microsoft has just removed support from its Windows 10 operating system versions 10 and 11, according to the latest information available from a recent blog post.

The company’s official support site for the operating system, however, still displays versions 10.1, 11.1 and 12.

This, of course, is an issue with the release of Windows 10, which was originally released on October 23, 2020.

While Microsoft has since fixed the issues, the company hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the latest version of the operating.

Microsoft has released a blog post explaining why the company has decided to remove support for these versions, as well as the reasons behind the decision.

It also says that it’s working with third-party software vendors to remove this support.

The release of a new operating system is a great time to release new updates, so we’re taking this opportunity to provide a quick update on how we are supporting Windows 10.

We’re also taking this step to offer our customers a few updates in the meantime, as some of our OEM partners have announced support for their latest Windows 10 releases, including Surface Book, Xbox One X, and Surface Book 2.

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