title Microsoft: Microsoft’s theme system is better than Apple’s source Ars TechNews article title Apple’s new theme system won’t be able to fix your theme problems article title The next version of macOS is coming with a theme system, but the problems it may cause are still unknown article title How a theme can fix some of your theme’s issues article title Why your theme needs a theme for macOS 10.11 or later article title What’s the difference between a theme and a theme package?

article title More Windows 10 themes on the way, and how to install them article title Here are the new Windows 10 theme versions coming in October 2018 article title Windows 10 Theme Updates: Here’s what you need to know article title New Theme Updates for Windows 10 are coming to your system article title Update: Windows 10 updates to fix theme problems on macOS 10 and macOS 10 El Capitan article title Updated themes and theme packages for macOS, Windows 10 article title A few things to know about the new themes on macOS and Windows 10, and some new themes coming in the future article title Theme package for macOS Mojave and Windows Yosemite is now available.

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