We all have them, right?

Like the mouse and the trackpad and the keyboard.

Now, Microsoft is trying to add a keyboard shortcut for switching between Windows apps, or switching between two windows at the same time.

You can see it in the screenshot below, and it looks like Windows does it by using a mouse pointer on the Start screen.

There’s also a new window button to bring up the keyboard shortcuts pane.

Here’s what the keyboard shortcut looks like on the desktop.

And it’s also easy to add on your own keyboard shortcuts.

So the only thing you have to do to get it is hit Windows key + F5.

When you’re in the keyboard, the Start menu will appear.

The keyboard shortcut should pop up, and you can type it.

Or, you can double-click on the keyboard icon and drag it to the right of where you want to type.

When the shortcut pops up, you’ll see the option to switch between apps.

You’re also shown an additional window icon to bring you to the next tab or the previous tab.

And, if you’re on a computer that doesn’t support the new window interface, you won’t be able to type in a shortcut for that window.

Windows keyboard shortcut on the Windows Start screen in an earlier version of Windows 10.