Posted October 12, 2019 09:30:32 A more comfortable and relaxing viewing experience is one of the reasons why many people find it convenient to place their screen above the window sill, writes’s James Taylor.

“If you’ve got a window sill you’d rather be on, you can always put it in a box with a piece of furniture,” he says.

“You can even use a pillow on the sill to keep your eyes off the road.”

The idea is to have a place that is a little bit more accessible to the people on the street, with a little more room to move around in.

The idea has come from a couple of Queensland-based designers, who were inspired by the work of architect Paul O’Brien.

O’Brien is known for his unique approach to architecture, and the idea of putting up a screen above his windows was born from his belief that people would appreciate having their own space.

“I’m very interested in the visual aspect of architecture, which is really what architects have always been interested in,” O’Briens design director Michael Tuffield says.”(Paul O’Brains) concept for his windows in Melbourne is very different to ours.

We’re looking at making it accessible for people who live on the streets, who are just walking down the street.””

We have a very low density area that’s very easy to access, and a very large area that is not accessible.””

The idea of the window in a container is to give people a space that they don’t have to walk past.”

The company, which has offices in Queensland and NSW, says they’ve had several people tell them they prefer it because it’s a more natural feeling.

“It’s a very relaxing and natural experience to look at the window,” Mr Tuffards says.

Mr Tuffords says his company is trying to attract more people to the idea, with some advertising around the idea.

“We are very lucky in the sense that people want to have the space and it’s something they can do in their home.”

“There are some people who actually use the glass for work, and then some people that use it for family time.”

Mr Tuffs says they want to do more to educate people about the idea and help educate people on its benefits.

“So, if you’re in a city and you don’t feel comfortable with the window sitting in your window sill in your home, or you’re out and about, and you feel uncomfortable with the idea that you have to go to your local council office to get a permit to have your window there, then I think we can give you that space,” he said.

“That’s the idea behind the idea we’ve been developing.”

If you’re interested in buying a window sill planter from the company, they’re offering a $250 price guarantee.

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