The stakes are high for Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows they are neck and neck in a head-to-head matchup against Donald Trump, who leads by just 4 points nationally.

Democrats have been hoping to capitalize on that in 2018 by pushing forward with a messaging campaign that has been more focused on the issues of health care, education and the economy.

They have a clear advantage in both key states and are aiming to capitalize and gain momentum on the ground in swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where they have historically had an edge.

But they have also been frustrated by the level of political and economic attention that has come their way.

They are also hoping to use their platform to help Democrats regain the House majority.

Democrats are in control of the House and Senate, and they are set to take control of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, a power they hold only by a narrow margin.

Democrats, who have control of both chambers of Congress, are set for a record-setting third straight term.

But a string of recent national polls show the GOP and its allies are gaining ground in the polls.

The latest CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday showed Democrats at 48 percent in Pennsylvania, and Republicans at 47 percent in Wisconsin.

The survey of 1,017 registered voters showed Democrats up 5 points in Pennsylvania and 6 points in Wisconsin, while the GOP increased its lead in Pennsylvania by 5 points and its lead nationally by 5.

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Rep. Tom Marino led his GOP challenger by 7 points, but the two have since been tied at 47.5 percent.

The poll found that the GOP is up by 6 points nationally, while in Wisconsin the GOP has held a 7 point lead.

The GOP is ahead in key battleground states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Nevada, and is also up in Pennsylvania.

In North Carolina, the GOP was up 6 points, while Democrats held a 2 point lead there.

In Nevada, Republicans have a 9 point advantage in the state, while Republicans have held a 6 point advantage statewide.

The CNN/PRRI poll showed that Trump leads by 4 points in Michigan, a state that is a key battleground in the race for the presidency.

Trump is leading in Ohio, but that gap is narrowing.

The NBC/WSJ poll found the GOP at 40 percent in Virginia, a swing state that will be a key test for Democrats.

The Republican candidate, former Florida Gov.

Bill Pence, has struggled to gain traction in Virginia since the Democratic primary in May.

He has not been able to get any traction in other key battlegrounds like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio, where he has been trailing his Democratic opponent, Rep. Tammy Duckworth.

Democrats still have a chance to turn the tide, though.

A CBS News/YouGov poll released last week found that Democrats were up by 9 points in North Carolina compared to the previous survey.

That puts the Democrats up 7 points in the battleground state, and the Republicans down by 4.

The numbers are a sign that the party is gaining ground on the Republican Party, as it does nationally, and could be on track to regain the Senate.

But Democrats also face a tough race in Virginia in 2018.

The state’s Senate race is one of the most competitive in the country, and Democratic Rep and former Secretary of State Mark Warner is up for re-election in the district that is being considered for the seat held by GOP Sen. Mark Warner.

The race has been viewed as a must-win for Democrats to retain control of that chamber.

But it is also one of President Trump’s favorite targets.

Democrats hope to turn out the vote in the heavily Democratic district, which was previously a safe Republican seat, and make him look like a moderate, which could help their cause.

They also hope to make it clear that Warner is not running a race that is fair to all voters.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is planning to hold a rally in the Richmond area to highlight Warner’s record of voting against Obamacare, voting to protect the Confederate flag and voting to strip millions of people of their health insurance, among other things.

The rally is expected to draw about 500 people.

In the state of Washington, the race is tight as well, as former Secretary and former Vice President Joe Biden faces former Gov.

Jay Inslee in the fall election.

Inslee is facing off against Democrat Rob McKenna, a former governor and one-time GOP presidential nominee.

The Democrat is trying to show that Inslee does not stand with the President’s views on the health care law and that he is an ally for working families, but Inslee’s campaign is already starting to build an organization focused on building up support for the Democrat.

“We have had a lot of conversations about what we should be doing and what we are not doing, and what I believe is we need to be bold,” Inslee said during an interview with CNN.

“It is time for us