Microsoft is rolling out a new feature that makes it harder to remove your privacy settings from the Windows 10 operating system.

Users that use the Windows Defender Privacy Assistant (DPPA) service will no longer be able to disable the feature, but the feature will still work.

The new feature, dubbed Windows Defender Settings Removal, will remove the following settings:The new removal option is in Windows Defender settings for security settings.

The settings are accessed through the Control Panel.

Users can remove their privacy settings by opening the Control panel, clicking on Privacy Settings, and selecting “Manage privacy settings.”

Users who want to disable this feature can either click on “Change privacy settings” or select “Restore settings from Windows Defender.”

Microsoft previously rolled out this feature for security purposes to help keep malware out of your computer.

However, it’s not always possible to disable all of these settings without a manual process.

The feature is only available for users who have the Windows Update service installed.

The service is installed by default, but users can enable it for other reasons.