Breitbart News has obtained an email exchange between President Donald Trump and the press secretary regarding the status of press briefings.

The exchange appears to show that Trump is not yet satisfied with the media’s coverage of the White Houses briefing.

The White House Press Briefing Center, which is set up to provide the press with updates on the administration, has been criticized for its lack of transparency, and its lack and inconsistent efforts to keep reporters informed of all the administration’s announcements.

The Center’s latest email exchange shows the administration has not yet been satisfied with its press briefings, as the president appears to be concerned that the media is not keeping up with the president’s actions.

According to the exchange, Trump told press secretary Sean Spicer on March 9 that he would like to see the press corps “make sure that they do a better job than they’ve done in the past,” but he also seemed to want to know if there was a way to “rebuild trust.”

Spicer responded to Trump’s concerns on March 13 by saying, “You want to see an update on the site about when they have a briefing, what the media has been doing, and what their priorities are,” before asking if Spicer would be willing to meet with Trump to discuss the issue.

“We would have to meet,” Spicer replied.

“It’s not like you can just walk into the White house and say, ‘Here’s a briefing that you can’t attend.

You don’t have to attend.’

You can’t,” Spicer added.

“There’s some things you can do and we would do some things differently.”

Spicer then said, “But you don’t want to say to the press, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on,'” to which Trump responded, “Yeah, but you’ve got to make it clear.”

Spicer continued, “And so that is why I would like you to make sure that you do a good job.

And I think the press is doing a good work.

They’ve got a lot of people on their side, but we have to make that clear.”

The White Houses Press Briefings Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Spicer later said, in a statement, “I appreciate the President’s willingness to meet to address our mutual concerns regarding the media coverage of his meetings.

I will continue to support him in this endeavor.”

The email exchange, which was obtained by Breitbart News under the Freedom of Information Act, also showed Trump wanting to know why he was not being briefed on all of the news surrounding the president.

“Why haven’t you been briefed?”

Spicer asked.

“Because I don’t like that,” Trump responded.

“You don’t do that, and you don`t do it well,” Spicer continued.

“I think you should be in there with me and we will get that going.”